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How to Submit Project Results (previously known as publications)

Two Different Methods for Submitting Documents

There are two different methods for submitting documents to SRC. Academics on research often need to submit formal documents to SRC to satisfy their contractual obligations. Examples of these submissions include annual review and e-Workshop presentations, reports, metrics, highlights, papers, posters, software repositories, and thesis documents. For contractually-obligated documents, you must use the 'Submit Project Results' method, described below.

If you are casually sharing informal documents with your colleagues, such as meeting minutes, then those can be added directly to the Data folder using these instructions.  

Formal SRC Documents

Follow these steps to submit your project results to SRC. This process will result in datasets being submitted to the selected project. 

Submit Project Results form 

  1. Click Home in the upper left-hand corner. 
  2. Click the link labeled "Submit Project Results."


Type the first few letters of your project name, and select your project from the list provided.

You can also type in the ID of your project.

You must be sure that you select your project from the list. You will see the small grey X indicating that you have selected the project, like this:  


Add any additional authors relevant to your document. Note that you can only add authors who are currently participating on your project. If you need to fix the author list after you've submitted the document, follow these instructions. 



Provide a high-quality description for your dataset. Members rely on this field to better understand your document. Please note that academics in the SRC research community are responsible for ensuring that their data in Pillar meets the high-quality standards SRC members and partners expect. Researchers may be asked to improve an insufficient dataset description. 


Software Repository

We welcome the sharing of relevant software repositories. Click on Add Software Repository to launch the dialog box. You will need to provide the repository URL and software name. GitHub is preferred, but not required, for the repository link.  


ReadMe Document

If you add a Software Repository, you should also add a README file at the same time by adding the document as a software description (see below).

Document file, name, category

You can add up to 5 documents at one time. Each document will be associated with the same project and will share the same Description. Only add multiple documents if they are related.


The document name by default is set to the file name. Be sure to name your document using a meaningful and easy-to-understand title. Please note that academics in the SRC research community are responsible for ensuring that their data in Pillar meets the high-quality standards SRC members and partners expect. Researchers may be asked to improve an insufficient dataset name.



Select the classification for your document. If your document does not fit one of the categories listed, please contact an SRC manager on your project. 


All publications must include an SRC acknowledgment somewhere in the document. At a minimum, the acknowledgment should read: "This work was supported in part by Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)."


Notice of Submission to Public Journal, Conference, etc.

If your document represents a pre-publication, use this section of the form to note it. We need to know when you expect the document to be published or presented--this is the earliest anticipated publication or release date. If you have the Digital Object Identifier, please include it. 


Contractually, publications must be submitted to SRC at least 60 days in advance of publication, at least in draft form. This includes, but is not limited to, journal papers, conference presentations, and dissertations. Note that this information is not displayed in Pillar Science. Please consider adding information about journal or conference information to the Project Overview


If your submission completes a task (previously referred to as a Deliverable) then note so on the last step of this form. Select the task from the dropdown list. 

Not all projects use tasks. 



Click Save to complete your submission. You should see a green “Success” message flash up when you submit your document, letting you know that it was submitted with no errors. 

Please note, you will not receive a P10XXXXX number once your document has been submitted. Documents stored in Pillar Science do have a unique ID but it is not included in the title. It is visible in the URL path and in the Dataset panel, as shown here.