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How do I know if my Student profile is set up correctly?

If you are working on SRC funded research and you are an SRC Research Scholar, you should have a profile in Pillar Science. Use the following guide to ensure you have completed your profile correctly. 


SRC Members want to know who they're working with. Upload a picture to create better interpersonal connections and build your personal brand. 

Current Degree

Include, at a minimum, the degree you are currently pursuing.  


Current Project

Make sure that the SRC Funded PI or Center Admin has added you to the correct Team and Project. If the correct project is not listed, speak to your Professor or Center Admin. Learn more.

Short Description

Include a personal summary that will help members and academics get to know you better. 


ORCID Integration

Celebrate your accomplishments! Be sure to add your ORCID information to your account so that members can see all of your work.