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How to add Students, Admins, or other Academics to Your Project

Project leaders have the ability to add other academics, such as Research Scholars, admins, or other professors, to their project. Project Leaders should never add industry professionals to their project.  

To add a person to your project, they must be a member of your Team. First, add the person to your team. 

Team Member vs. Team Administrator

Many Professors find it helpful to assign a few individuals, such as administrative staff or select students, as Team Administrators. Team Administrators are able to help the PI manage the team by adding and removing people from the team. Team Admins can also run Team reports.  

Add Person to Team

1.  Click your name in the upper right-hand corner and select your Team. 


2. Along the left-hand menu, choose Management | Users. 

3. Type a name or email address of the Research Scholar into the name field. If the person is already in the system, you can select their name. If the name is not in the system, you will need to enter the email address. 

4. Choose either Member or Administrator. Team Administrators can 1) run Team reports and 2) add/remove others from the Team.

5. Click Add.


Add Person to Project

Now return to the Project Users list. Remember, project leaders should never add industry professionals to their project.

Type the name into the Manage Users field and choose Academic, then press Add.