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Understanding Pillar Science Teams

A team in Pillar Science is the digital representation of the real-world team managed by a professor. As a named Principal Investigator on SRC-funded research, you are responsible for maintaining a current, accurate Team roster in Pillar Science. Your team should include all of the Research Scholars (undergrad, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers) working on your SRC research. 

Teams are an integral part of managing people and projects in Pillar Science. PIs have the ability to add and remove other academics, such as Research Scholars, admins, or other professors, to their project only after they have added those users to their team. In addition, Pillar makes it easy for you to remove a student from your Team and your projects with a single action. This is very useful when your student graduates or otherwise leaves the program.  


  • add any of your students that are working on SRC Research to your team
  • add any university employees, such as admins, to your team
  • add other professors or researchers that are working on SRC Research to your team if they are not currently associated with any other team  

Do Not

  • add any industry professionals to your team, ever
  • add other SRC project leaders to your team 

Project leaders are responsible for ensuring that their team roster is up-to-date. Your team should include all of your students who are working on your SRC-funded project. 

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