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Template for Tracking Liaison Meetings in the Project Notebook

The basic approach is to track the attendees, agenda, and notes of member + academic meetings in the Pillar Science notebook for your project. 

Start a new Note

On your project, click on the Notebook in the left-hand navigation. In the Reference Title field enter the salient information, such as date, time, and companies, to create a useful title: 
2023-01-23, 2 PM EST Liaison meeting with Intel & IBM.


Paste in the Template

Paste the template below into the Notes field. (If given a choice, Clean the formatting!)


Attendees://List attendees with affiliation//

Agenda://Add agenda items//

Notes: // Add notes as needed//



Fill in the Template

Update your note with details from the meeting as shown in the screenshot below.



See Also How to use Pillar Tasks to manage Liaison meetings