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What is the difference between a Liaison and a Viewer?

Industry participants have two ways they can interact with Projects:
Join as a Liaison or Follow as a Viewer



Liaisons are a crucial part of the unique collaborative research model that SRC offers. A liaison will join a project and then actively guide the research by communicating directly with the PIs and students. Liaisons serve as mentors, providing guidance and inspiration to graduate students preparing to enter the semiconductor industry. Liaisons help students achieve academic excellence through real-life exposure to industry practices. Encouraging dialogue and technology exchange between the university and industry communities is a major role of liaisons. Their expertise, equipment, and feedback—as well as guidance and material assistance—bridge the conventional gap between academia and industry. Through this cooperation, research is use-inspired, and results are more rapid and relevant.

In Pillar, Liaisons have the ability to add datasets to the project, edit the Project notebook, and leave comments on datasets. Liaisons can also add additional Liaisons from their company to the same Project. 


A person can elect to Follow a project if they want to become a Viewer. Viewers are interested in understanding the progress of the research, but do not want to actively participate in the project. 

While Viewers can leave comments in Project notebooks and dataset comments, they cannot make any other changes to the Project.  

Both Viewers and Liaisons can receive email notifications related to the project. 

How To

How to Add Yourself as a Liaison

Special Notes about JUMP 2.0 Liaisons and Viewers

The allowed number of liaisons per member company for JUMP 2.0 is based on that sponsoring company's membership agreement. Liaisons have full access rights to the JUMP 2.0 program, excluding the SAB and GC meetings. A liaison may interact with as many projects, themes, and centers as practical (SRC recommends close mapping to 2 – 4 projects and not signing up for 10+ projects which is impractical for meaningful liaison engagement). SAB and GC representatives for a company may sign up as liaisons and will not count against the total number of liaisons allowed for the member company.  


A sponsoring company may sign-up as many viewers as they want. (When the ‘Follow’ button is pressed, a person's role on the Project is set to ‘Viewer’).  A follower is an interested researcher/engineer/human resources professional from a sponsor company who has signed up on SRC’s Pillar site to look at the sponsored research publications and students available for hire. Followers may interact with the JUMP 2.0 research product or hireable students. Followers are not allowed to attend theme-level liaison meetings run by the centers, but they may attend Center Annual Reviews and TECHCON to learn more and consider elevating their engagement to the liaison level.